• Notes on budgeting

    Those of you who follow me on Anchor, or who listen to my Spanish-spoken podcast “Sobre la marcha” may have listened to a bunch of episodes about personal finance, You Need a Budget (YNAB) and budgets in general. In this post I want to share some notes with those of you that you haven’t listened to that, either because you don’t understand Spanish or because whatever reason.

  • I left Twitter for a month

    I’ve been using Twitter for about 11 years, since September 2007. Through all this time I have been quite neat in my approach to maintain my timeline clean of both bullshit, human garbage and hathred; my timeline is useful, inspiring and valuable to me. Thanks to that curation Twitter has been, by far, my best source of news and a very useful way to stay connected to many matters, as technology and security, and to many social movements.

    It was the beginning of last November when I realised that I had developed a mechanic habit of browsing Twitter blindlessly, mindlessly and meaninglessly, almost as an act of reflex. I was scrolling through my timelne while literally daydreaming. After that moment of realisation, I decided to stay away from it for a month.

  • There is no security by default

    Security and safety by default are things that many people claim that technology should provide, some sort of baseline requirement for any digital product or electronic device. I profoundly believe that such a statement is naive and unrealistic. It is merely an excuse to avoid our own responsibilities. We have not been succesful when it comes to provide security and safety by default in anything, no matter how old and established is the practice or the objects we designed, so, how could we pretend to make something that is not even one hundred years old, secure or safe by default?

  • This site is up and running

    If you can see this line, then this site is OK. You should also see that it has SSL-enabled. You can check the about page to find out what you can expect of this blog. See you soon!


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