I used to like Gnome in their previous versions, because I could apply some theming to reduce the (absurdly excessive) height of the windows’ title bars. They take too much real estate, so much so that you feel like you’ve got a 1366*768-or-even less laptop; except, of course, because the font size which is still very small and that you have to squint. And for there is no chance to use fractional scaling, and… there we go spiraling on manual tweaks and endless fixing of a few developers’ bad decisions. Not wrong, not arguable, just bad.

The thing is that Gnome 42 does not support themes any more, so there’s no way to reduce the size of those window titles. And I don’t care that much about Gnome 42 to try fixing it in any other way.

I guess it’s time to move on to something else. Trying Cinnamon for now.