Quick update* – I’ve moved to Fedora a couple of releases ago (34), after almost 20 years since the last time I used Red Hat Linux and the earliest versions of Fedora Core.

I had been recently using Debian for almost 10 years, and then moved to Manjaro for about a year, or so. The reasons for eventually moving to Fedora were:

  1. The need or convenience of having more recent versions in the packages than in Debian. We all know about how stable, and behind the curve, Debian is.
  2. More stability when compared to Manjaro. In this case, I have to clarify that I hadn’t had any real issue, but I had a couple of warnings when using AUR packages. AUR is a week ahead of Manjaro, and installing packages from there may eventually pull dependencies that render the system unstable.

Fedora fits in my tasks perfectly well and it doesn’t get in the way. It seems it will be staying around my computers for a while.

My three Raspberry Pi units remain in Raspberry Pi OS (64-bit) for the foreseeable future.

(*): I recently removed a couple of uninteresting posts and this one is probably a brief substitution of those.