My name is Gabriel, I am Spanish and I live in Sydney since 2017.

This is my personal website, hosted at GitHub Pages. Here I intend to write a little about technology, how I work, the internet, Podcasting, (IT) Architecture and Software Engineering. Also about how those affect society, sometimes, specially in how people should embrace security practices in their digital life.

Also, moving to Australia has simplified a lot my life, as I had to sell or let go almost all my material possessions. That meant a lot of changes in my habits, and recently I realised that I evolved into a minimalist in many aspects of my life, in a 100% natural way. Regarding this transformation, you can expect some posts about decluttering, work patterns, how simplifying my stuff led to much more focus, etc.

  • You can follow me on twitter at gvisoc. I tweet both in English and in Spanish. To tell the truth, most of my tweets are in Spanish. I am trying to improve that balance and tweet more in English.
  • You can find me also at GitHub (kind warning –my repo is mostly empty!) where I am also gvisoc

You can also check other ways to contact me through my keybase profile.